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Gooey Peanut Butter Dream Bars

There are some combinations that just can’t be beat. You got your classic pairing of cheese and wine, hamburgers and french fries, and best of all, peanut butter and chocolate. There’s something in that nutty and slightly salty peanut butter that perfectly compliments sweet chocolate and leaves me swooning and…
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Spicy Tomato Salsa

I remember the first time I went to a Mexican restaurant; I believe I was 12 years old. I was with my friend and her family and, truth be told, I had never been to a Mexican restaurant before. Actually, I had never even eaten Mexican food before. No tacos,…
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Fruit and Nut Breakfast Bars

As someone who's main motivation to get out of bed is the promise of a good breakfast (and coffee), I've never been able to understand those who skip what is probably the best meal of the day. I'm sure we've all heard it said that breakfast is the most important meal…
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Truffle Oil Popcorn

If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I'm a snacker. I love snacks. I always have and I always will. If I go more than three hours without a meal or snack or some sort I usually get cranky. I know that's not something to necessarily…
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Mini Chicken Pot Pie Bites

Growing up I was no stranger to chicken pot pies. Granted, the ones my mom and I loved to eat were those packaged Marie Callender's frozen meals that you stick in the oven, but they were delicious nonetheless and would bake up to flaky perfection. I remember carefully picking out…
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