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Sweet and Salty Popcorn Bars

  These Sweet & Salty Popcorn Bars are seriously the best of all things movie related in my eyes. Sans movie of course. I've always been one of those people who love movie theatre popcorn. I actually still remember the first time I tasted it. I was going to see a…
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Spinach and Feta Mini Frittatas

What is it about mini things that makes them that much more appealing? Mini dogs. Mini phones. Mini pigs. Mini Coopers. Miniaturize anything and it becomes impossible to resist. Well, maybe not mini dogs... I mean, I think they're ridiculously cute and all, but only from a distance. Give me a huge hulking St.…
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Balsamic Honey Roasted Potatoes

My family is no stranger to potatoes. My dad actually grew up on a rural potato farm in Norway and to say that potatoes are his favorite food would be a huge understatement. That man lives for potatoes. My mom has mastered the art of microwaving potatoes since he eats…
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Cheddar Bacon Ranch Dip

The month of January brings lots of things: snow, new resolutions, healthy diets, and sports! Ok, so sports is a bit of a stretch, but I feel like it gets even more competitive after the new year. Since the playoffs for football, basketball, and hockey are in sight, fans are…
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Healthy Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies

Who's ready to detox off of all that holiday sugar and food?! I sure am. But to be honest, I'm not totally ready to give up the cookies since those are my favorite holiday treat! So in aims to have those cookies BUT also a bit of a detox from…
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White Chocolate Cinnamon Biscuits

Now that the holidays are officially over, I’m settling back into my old routine. No more watching Christmas movies every night, running out to buy last minute gifts, or fighting the crowds at the shopping malls every weekend. And while I don’t miss holiday shopping, I do miss my Christmas…
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Hoisin Broccoli and Mushroom Stir-Fry

Think you can’t make Chinese food just as good as takeout at home??? Think again! I find that one of the easiest ethnic dishes to re-create at home is Chinese – and the options are endless when it comes to different flavor profiles and dishes. Forgoing the takeout for a…
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Honey Oat Strawberry Smoothie

'Tis the season for New Years' resolutions! I love the whole "fresh start" feel that comes with the New Year, but I go back and forth on the idea of actually making resolutions. On the one hand, I love having a concrete goal in mind to really channel my energy towards --…
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